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Automatic soldering machine
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Shenzhen Zhongtu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. Now the company has designed and developed an automatic soldering equipment. The automatic soldering machine is a lightweight and flexible Equipment with freely adjustable space, temperature, tin feeding speed and tin spot size;

Features of automatic soldering machine:

1. It adopts Chinese teaching programming controller, which is easy to learn and understand, ensuring welding quality and greatly saving manpower;

2. Desktop structure design, beautiful and generous high-quality thick aluminum profile, which saves space and is fast and durable;

3. The automatic constant temperature welding station is used to effectively ensure the consistency of the welding point;

4. The whole machine is made of original genuine brand components, and the quality is reliable;

5. The heating device adopts imported WELLER temperature control, which can be welded at a lower temperature, so that your product will not be damaged due to too high temperature;

6. Flexible soldering methods, support spot welding and drag soldering at the same time, all process parameters can be set by the user to adapt to various difficult jobs and micro soldering processes;

7. Simple programming method, you can directly input the coordinates of the solder joints, teach and reproduce the coordinate positions of the solder joints, and simply operate the teaching box to guide the end of the motion to the position of the solder joints;

8. Multi-axis linkage manipulators, all driven by precision stepping motors and advanced motion control algorithms, effectively improve the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the end of the motion (soldering iron tip);

9. There are more than hundreds of soldering iron tips, and various soldering tips can be designed according to the needs of customers.

Automatic soldering machine equipment parameters:

Power supply: 220V

Specifications and dimensions (length, width and height): 645MM*580MM*790MM (single platform)

Drive mode: precision stepper motor

Processing area (length, width and height): 300MM*300MM*85MM (single platform))

Positioning accuracy: ±0.02MM

Communication interface: USB

Program reserve: 1000 groups

Heating method: 220W high frequency eddy current heating

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