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Dual-platform automatic soldering machine
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Zhongtu Automated Dual-platform Automatic Soldering Machine Product Overview: The automatic soldering machine is an automated soldering equipment, which mainly completes the soldering operation by using the motion function of the manipulator. The core part of the automatic soldering machine is the soldering system. The soldering system is mainly composed of an automatic solder feeding mechanism, temperature control, heating element, and soldering iron tip.

Product features of automatic soldering machine: 1. It is divided into single station/double station, double-head soldering machine and high-speed spot welding machine 2. It is divided into stepping electrical advance control and servo module control 3. It can be divided into different requirements and welding accuracy Optional different soldering machines4, according to the welding requirements can adjust the temperature of the soldering iron tip, the speed of soldering and the effect of solder welding5, application scope: component foot spot welding, drag welding, welding wire and welding FPC flexible cable 6, according to the product Different to test machine

Precautions for the automatic soldering machine: the precautions during the soldering operation, the solder joints should not be too saturated, and should be in the middle of three or four points, otherwise the solder joints will easily short circuit with the nearby solder joints, and the tin should be in line with the component feet. Small semi-circular, so that the circuit board is welded neatly, which is also the best. Moreover, the lead wire of the soldering machine should not be too thin or too long, the voltage drop during soldering should not be greater than 5% of the initial voltage, and gloves, protective glasses, etc. should be worn during operation. Do not put the tip of the soldering iron on the sponge for cleaning during the use of the soldering machine, just put the tin on the tip of the soldering iron into the tin-collecting carton, so that the temperature of the tip of the soldering iron will not drop rapidly. Finally, after the soldering machine is used up every day, clean it first, add enough tin, and then cut off the power immediately, which will help increase the service life of the machine

Equipment parameters of dual-platform automatic soldering machine:

Power supply: 220V

Specifications and dimensions (length, width and height): 985MM*580MM*790MM (dual platform)

Drive mode: precision stepper motor

Processing area (length, width and height): 550MM*300MM*70MM (dual platform)

Positioning accuracy: ±0.02MM

Communication interface: USB

Program reserve: 1000 groups

Heating method: 220W high frequency eddy current heating

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