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Shenzhen Zhongtu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. introduces advanced design concepts and technologies, and is an automation equipment enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, debugging and after-sales service. The company is engaged in tooling and fixtures, hardware fixtures, machining, non-standard mechanical parts processing, production line optimization solutions, automated production line equipment transformation, non-standard automation equipment/automatic loading and unloading manipulator design and manufacturing, and equipment accessories, instruments/meters, electronics Sales of accessories; products are successfully used in electronics, touch screens, LCD/LED, mobile phones, and communication electronics manufacturing fields.

Business expansion is synchronized with design and development, adhering to the practical provision of technical support through customer services and reducing process costs, starting from the improvement and improvement of production equipment, tools, and fixtures, optimizing the production line, effectively increasing production capacity and reducing labor costs; and assisting Customer engineers solve the problems existing in the process and the new product project introduction process as the concept; in product design, use a new design concept to better improve the practicability, stability and maintenance of tooling fixtures, fixtures and automation equipment Convenience.

Since the establishment of our company, relying on its own technical advantages, customer satisfaction as the goal, market demand as the development direction, and sincere treatment, reasonable prices and fast and high-quality after-sales service as the business policy, we create greater value for customers .

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